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Benefits of Investing in Belize


Belize provides the three main elements sought by international investors:

Stability: Long-standing, democratic tradition; independent judiciary, exchange rate fixed for 25 years.

Profitability: Flexible fiscal incentives and concessions, Commercial Free Zones, Export Processing Zones, Repatriation of profits and dividends.

Liveability: Subtropical climate, virgin rainforest, un-spoilt beaches and spectacular barrier reef, friendly people and much more.

Furthermore, Belize is strategically located next to Mexico and Central America, near the US and the Caribbean islands, rich in natural resources with a stable and supportive economy, bilingual workforce and established infrastructure.


Trade Agreements

Belize enjoys benefits under trade agreements with several developed countries. Including:


  • Preferential market access to the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM)
  • Preferential treatment from the USA under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI)
  • Duty free access to the European Community for certain commodities such as bananas and sugar under the Lomé IV Convention
  • Present negotiations is taking place with the Contonou Agreement which is intended to provide more support to ACP countries
  • Under CARIBCAN, certain Belizean goods enter Canada duty free


Government Investment Incentives


The Government offers a menu of incentives that attract even the most cautious investor:


  • 100% foreign ownership of both land and company assets.
  • Joint ventures with local entities are encouraged.
  • Legislation is in place providing incentives for the retirement industry.
  • Flexible fiscal incentives and concessions.
  • Commercial Free Zones and an Export Processing Zone.
  • Vibrant, International Financial Services Industry.


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