American Chamber of Commerce of Belize

AmCham Security Forum



The American Chamber of Commerce of Belize presented the latest in its Educational Forum Series on 27 October at 6:30pm. The topic of this event was Security in Belize, and it focused specifically on the perception of security in Belize and how it impacts tourism, investment, and business.

The Forum was pleased to have the following distinguished Speakers provide their learned perspective on the topic:

  • A representative for Admiral Johnny Borland from the Belize Coast Guard Service
  • Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie
  • Erica Smith, Senior Law Enforcement; Security Attaché from the United States Embassy
  • Mike Green, Security Consultant

Commisioner Whylie spoke first and gave an overview of the crime situation in Belize. He also availed himself to answer questions from the audience which e did after the other speakers gave their presentations. After the presentation, there was a lively exchange of questions and answers from members of the audience including questions from the President of the Belize Tourist Industry Association (BTIA).

The evening provided a unique perspective on the issue of crime and its effects on tourism and business in Belize. The forum achieved its aim of assisting the business community to come towards a consensus view on how the current security situation is affecting our commerce and investement both at home and abroad.

The American Chamber of Commerce also extended an invitation at the forum to the Belize business community to attend the Pack Expo Internation and Pharma Expo 2016 at McCormic Place, Chicago, Illinois, on the 6th to the 9th of November 2016.

Thank you again for a great event!



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