American Chamber of Commerce of Belize

About Us

The American Chamber of Commerce of Belize (AmCham-Belize) is a not-for-profit organization made up of individuals and companies, both Belizean and American, that seeks to empower its members to develop their potential to the maximum based on three pillars – economic, professional, and social – through the facilitation of access to knowledge, opportunities, a culture of best practices, respect for the rule of law, and corporate social responsibility.

The activities organized by AmCham-Belize are specifically designed to keep our members informed of the most important trends in the business world, on both the national and the international level. Through our portfolio of services we also seek to offer them concrete solutions and opportunities for entrepreneurial and professional growth that manage to have a positive impact on the economic development of their businesses, and consequently of the nation.



To promote and enhance American business interests in Belize including American direct investment in Belize.

To represent the interests of members before the authorities of Belize that pertain to their commercial and industrial relations, with the goal to encourage and facilitate the transaction of mutual business interests, and especially to promote American interests in Belize without discussing or taking part in political activities.

To support members in the promotion of their products and services in the United States of America.

To provide a source of information and support for both potential and established American investors in Belize with respect to management and other business issues unique to the Belizean business environment.

To participate in development, civic, economic, social and environmental programs to advance the general welfare and prosperity of Belize.

To endeavor to establish and maintain memberships in business associations and other groups whose objectives are similar to the Chamber.


Mission Statement

To promote and facilitate trade and commerce between the United States of America and Belize by representing business interests at Government level and in the media, encouraging linkages with Belizean companies and to provide a forum for exchange of information beneficial to all parties.


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Board of Directors

Scott Lyons - cropped Ryan Wrobel - cropped    photo
Scott Lyons
Ryan J. Wrobel
Vice President
Jonathan Nicholson
Colin Gillett
 10599630 755709107805909 3555531015308451066 n Ted Tejada - cropped   Gilbert Canton - cropped  Bob Stevens - cropped
Yvonne Hartshorn
Membership Director
Events Coordinator
Ted Tejada
Gilbert Canton
Inter-Organizational Liaison
Bob Stevens


Membership/Benefit Committee

o Yvonne Hartshorn

o Gilbert Canton

o Michael Kramer

o Robert (Bob) Stevens

o Jonathan Nicolson

o Mitchell Quigley 

o Jonathan D' Silva


List of Events Committee

o Ted Tejada

o Kevin Bowen

o Ryan J. Wrobel

o Colin Gillett

o Scott Lyons


List of Communications Committee

o Ryan J. Wrobel

o Juan Carlos Namis

o Michael Kramer


Meeting Minutes

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